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Originally Posted by MikeStrybel View Post
FWIW, I love my Kindle and have the new Fire arriving under the Christmas tree (thanks, dear!). While writing notes in the margin and the tactile reward of a book is nice, I hope Carl considers making an eBook edition. Last season, I had my Kindle with me for rain delays, long waits for buses that were late and the times I arrived earlier than I should have. It beats reading about my Cubs losing the day before.
As I understand it, that's up to Amazon. I asked then to do it.

Concerning the other comments about the "phantom double play": As you know, I'm still working. It's true I don't call NCAA D1 anymore, and I don't call 14u or below except when I'm evaluating an umpire. But from 15 through MSBL, I still work regularly. I was picked again last year for the high school state tournament playoffs.

Perhaps it's different in our part of the country, but down here, "if he would have been out, he is out."

Of course, you need to read all the entries about phantom calls to get the full dose.

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