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Originally Posted by Rich Ives View Post
Life has changed CC. You may not be on ESPN but parents with video cams are there. Aunts and uncles with video phones are there. The local sports reporter for Action News has someone there to send them highlights. Blow it and you'll be confronted during or after the game, might see yourself on the local news, and will show up on youtube. If you've been following the forums you'll have seen some of them.

But hey - whatever floats your boat . . . . .
We should not be officiating to satisfy Autie Rae or Uncle Lou's video camera. We should be officiating the game and only the game. If F4 or F6 slides his foot past 2nd base while in full control of the ball, I am calling the out and I don't care about the cameras. I call it the same for both sides, game for game - tough s**t if the cameras don't like it!
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