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Originally Posted by Toren View Post
Try 3.3.3 Situation A

Have fun being correct
That Case Book ruling came from this NFHS Interpretation. I provide it because it offers even more detail.

2006-07 NFHS Basketball Rules Interpretations

SITUATION 11: A1 is injured during a play in which he/she was fouled. As a result, A1 cannot attempt the awarded free throws. A6 replaces A1 and attempts the free throws, which are successful. Team A then calls a time-out. At the conclusion of the time-out, (a) A1 is ready to play, or (b) A7 replaces A6. RULING: In (a), A1 may not re-enter the game until the next opportunity to substitute after the clock has properly started. Legal substitution in (b); A6 may leave the game at any time. Substitution restrictions only apply to being withdrawn and attempting to re-enter without the clock properly starting. (8-2; 3-3-4)
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