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Get Specific

Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
Thanks to all who replied. Had two games last night that went much better. When in C whenever I started thinking too much (coverage areas, match ups, etc.) I would say to myself "call the game" to get refocused. It worked and i was able to stay in the games. Had some double whistles but partners commented a couple of times on good calls coming from me, which was nice to hear.
Thanks again.
Two approaches to being the C: 1) The ball's not on my side, and 2) I'm diligently checking the matchups in my PCA and looking to catch off-ball fouls.
The first is a passive mindset, and when this is the predominant thought in the mind of the C, complacency can easily set in and the comfort of "The Saddle" can mean missed calls when they occur in the C's area.
The second is an active perspective, and when this is the predominant thought in the mind of the C, it never becomes a "I feel like I've been there forever" sensation. Too much to watch for. Too much to keep tabs on.
Just a little thing, but maybe it can in some small way make the C realistically significant for you.
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