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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
If that poor grammar means someone has to read it 2-3 times just to figure out what they were trying to say, it matters.
And I agree with this. But that's not what bob said. He simply pointed out that the poster has poor grammar. Not that, because of the poor grammar, he couldn't understand what the poster was trying to get at.

Somewhere along the way, it became "rude" to correct people. The problem with that is, the whole point of correcting people is to make a change for the better.
And I would argue that there is a time, a place and away to correct people.

Making a snide remark such as "poor grammar skills aside" is not helping to correct someone. It's a nice way of saying "your writing sucks." That's not offering any sort of help. It's just being pretentious and snobby.

Instead, maybe if bob had said something to the effect of "You know, I couldn't quite get what you were saying because you had some poor grammar, some run-on sentences, etc. If you can communicate more clearly, we'd be better able to help you out" it wouldn't have come across the way it did.