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Originally Posted by jTheUmp View Post
My question: throw the flag myself and get confirmation after the play (and wave the flag off if necessary), or wait till after the play ends, confer with the other officials, and then throw the flag (if necessary)?

Either way is gonna look bad, I'm just not sure which one looks "less bad"
I don't think it looks bad if you get it right. LM (or whoever) should have had the flag, but perhaps the ball was snapped before he could get a signal from LJ.

Who's going to complain, the A coach? "Coach, if you don't want that flag, get 7 players on the line."

Proper mechanics are designed to get the right eyes looking in the right place most of the time, so that we get the right call. If you get the right call in an unusual situation using non-standard mechanics, so be it.
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