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Originally Posted by mbyron View Post
The correct answer has been posted in numerous formats.

1. The result of the play is a touchback.
2. B gets first choice of penalty acceptance, since they were last in possession.
3. They will accept the IF penalty, which results automatically in a double foul, and we'll replay the down.
4. If B foolishly declines the penalty for A's foul, A gets a choice and will accept the BIB penalty: 10 yards from the basic spot, which is the A20 after the touchback, so 1/10 for A from the A30.
B's foul occurred during a running play. The basic spot is the end of the run, not the touchback. The touchback is the succeeding spot which is where the ball would be next snapped if a foul had not occurred (2-41-10)

1. The result of the play is a TB.
2. B gets first choice since they got the ball with clean hands.
3. If B accepts the IF: we have a double foul.
4. If B declines the IF: we then give A their choice of accepting or declining.
5. If A accepts the IBB the foul is marked off under ABO.
6. If A declines, we have two declined fouls and the result is the TB, A gets a new series as any team does following a TB.

The only logical choice for B is to accept the IF and replay the down. 10-2-2.

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