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Lightbulb Canadian Ruling

Originally Posted by Suudy View Post
I was WH at a frosh game last night, and we had the following.

1/10 from B's 40 with :08 left in the 4th. Clock starts on the ready. A trailing by a touchdown. A is out of timeouts and lines up to spike the ball. B lines up in the NZ, and the wing calls encroachment. The scoreboard had started the clock on the ready, and it was down to :06. After discussion, we told the scoreboard to put the clock back to :08. At this point, the A coach tells his players to come over to him. The wing on his side is telling him the clock will start on the ready.

So, we have 1/5 from B's 35, with :08 left in the 4th. The A coach has his players near him. We chop in the play and the clock starts. Time runs out. We call the game and start to walk off the field. The A coach is yelling that they get another down, since "the game cannot end on a defensive penalty."

So two questions.

1. I'm 99% certain that was the end of the game. We are NFHS, and the period is extended for any accepted foul _on the last timed down_. Now, the encroachment was not a timed down, so the period isn't extended. I would just like that last 1% certainty. We got this right?

2. How do you handle end game conferences? Say the ruling was incorrect. How does a coach call a conference after the game is over? How do you correct it?

After a penalty application, start the clock on the snap.

In fact, inside the 3MW, here is when the clock starts on the snap, STOPICK, after a:

S core
T imeout granted
O ut of bounds (carried)
P enalty application
I ncomplete pass
C hange of possession
K ick from scrimmage
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