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Originally posted by oppool
Ran across this play last night reading the FED book I assume the call is the same in all the leagues. If not will work it out in here. Thought this might be a good play to keep the brain loose while I have had 2 weeks of rain, ice and bad field conditions.

R1 on 3rd, 1 out, B2 hits a high fly to left center. R1 is sent home on contact thinking no fielder will get to the ball and after touching and crossing home plate see that F8 is making a sliding attempt on the fly ball R1 heads back to 3rd. F8 fumbles the ball and picks it up off the ground and throws it to F1 who is standing between 3rd and home, F1 tags R1 then throws to F4 who tags B2 sliding into 2nd. The defense starts coming off the field, double play, end of inning

MAKE THE CALL no peeking until after you answered!

I have a feeling this is not the same for all books. Fed may be different, but I believe in ASA, assuming the umpire call the offensive players out on the respective tags, the defense can head for the dugout.
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