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Originally Posted by SamIAm View Post
End of UCLA and Mich. St. - last couple of seconds.
From my view V1 catches the ball with both feet off the floor, step right foot, then left foot, pushing ball to the floor, then right foot touches floor again.

(Correct my description if neccessary.)

I don't think the described play is travilling. The official called it a travel. I have no horse in the race, but would like a more expert opinion. I am open to being incorrect. Regardless, someone please teach me or confirm my thinking.
The right foot became the pivot foot because that was the first foot to touch the floor by the airborne player.

You did not mention when the right foot was lifted from the floor after he took a step with the left foot.

If the right (pivot) foot was lifted *before* the ball was released on the dribble, it is a travel.

If the right (pivot) foot was not lifted before the ball was released on the dribble, it is a not travel.

(Not sure if you're a referee or not. If you, then you should know to include all crucial information!)
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