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Re: supposed to... or must?

If they do not attend or have some kind of coach representative, then we file what we call here a "Special Report Form." This is the same form that we file for an ejection or any other behavior that undermines the integrity of the game. As I said before (not sure if on this board) we had to do this last year. I personally had no problems. Mary Struckoff, the editor of the rulebook was from Illinois. She put this in the IHSA last year because of some inappropriate comments by an official during a captains conference the year before. And if they do not provide a coach, then I do not have the conference. Nothing can go on unless we want it to. We are in charge, not the coaches. Always remember that.

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In Illinois it is not an option. The coaches are suppose to attend the conferences period. It might not be the head coach but at least an assistant.
Yo Rut,
If they refuse... what then?
I just go on without them. I can find no guidance for doing otherwise.
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