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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie View Post
NCAA: This is a running play where the basic spot is the end of the run. The foul is behind the basic spot, so its a spot foul. Mark the ball off 10 yards to the A 25 and replay the down -- 3rd and 5.

NCAA basic spots depend on what type of play it is and can be confusing when you get into change of possession plays. Also, there are some exceptions when the foul is behind the neutral zone, depending on the foul.

Can anyone give me an example of a play where we need a basic spot analysis rather than the enforcement spot being listed with the foul? To me, the basic spot stuff is anything but basic and should be eliminated with all penalties giving their enforcement spots in the rule.
I gather what you mean is that an unnecessary mental step and verbiage have been introduced into the penalty enforcement procedure. Do I have you right?
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