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Originally Posted by johnny1784 View Post
A1 shoots a shot from behind the three point line and the trail official indicates a three point attempt. The trail official’s position is straight-line with shooters feet. The shot by A1 goes in and trail official signals the shot is good at buzzer. The lead official thinks the shooter A1 was touching the 3 point line and confronts trail official who isn’t sure it was in fact a 3 point attempt. Trail official then asked the table what they saw. Table personnel agree with lead official that A1’s toes where on the 3 point line. Trail official waves off the 3 point goal and instructs table to change to a 2 point goal for Team A. Team A lost the game by 1 point. Was the correct method applied to wave off the 3 point goal?
The L thinks? Either I know (as the L) or I stay the hell out of it. And the table would never, ever be consulted, unless I was working a game where a monitor was in place and reviewable.
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