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Originally Posted by TXMike View Post
I know quite a few Texas HS officials (NCAA rules) who were screaming as soon as the R uttered the words "15 yards from the spot of the foul". You didn't hear us?
No the only thing I've heard coming from Texas lately is the sound of tears and sobbing after the way the Longhorns' season ended.

As far as the key to the enforcement on this, the ball passing through the NZ is key to the enforcement of the penalty. I may have confused the issue of possession and the kick crossing the NZ in my original post. The receiving team doesn't take possession on a scrimmage kick until they secure the ball or the ball is dead (ball at rest, kick OOB, downed by the kicking team, etc). If the ball had been deflected and continued through the NZ (rather than being blocked toward the K) and BSU batted the ball, the enforcement spot would have been the spot of the foul. Of course, the ball would remain live and Nevada would have been able to recover (similar to a muffed punt) and had they done so would have declined the penalty to retain possession. Hopefully that clears it up but if someone can do better, I'm glad to learn a better way to explain.
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