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Originally Posted by Multiple Sports View Post
I have to agree with Oracle on this one. There is a mentality especially in the NE that says you stay in your pond and I'll stay in in mine. I have a friend who is young and successful in the Women's DI game and he tells me all the time about how he thinks there is more commraderie in the women's game than the men's. There is no doubt that the men's game is more physical than the NBA because we don't call ABSOLUTES like they do in NCAA - W and the NBA.

I love being on the men's side and would never give it up, but I think that John Adams really wants to speed things up regarding our adoption of NBA philosphies.........
What philosophy that is used that the NCAA Men's do not use? Reporting with two hands? Giving a "hit to the head" signal? That is the NBA philosophies you are talking about? Because you realize that the NCAA-M tape has been talking about Absolutes for a couple of years now? I used to attend NCAA-W camps and I never saw that concept on any tape when Marcy Weston was the coordinator or in the early years of Mary Struckoff.

And the camaraderie thing is very subjective. The vast majority of officials on the Men's side have been very helpful and very friendly. I have had the privilege to work with many guys that work the D1 level and they have treated me and others as equals on the floor. They know their role and that they are going to be looked to and they have been nothing but helpful. And I expect more egos at that level as there are more officials that have accomplished something. All I see on the Women's side is the same two or three working the big time games no matter where those games are in the country.
And when I go to camps and I deal with guys all over the country, those are good people. To act like Women's side as fewer egos is silly. I used to be in the room with some heavy hitters were at the NCAA clinics and those were people that felt unapproachable. I have not felt the same in the room with guys we have talked about here.

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