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Originally Posted by TheOracle View Post
NCAA-W is way ahead of NCAA-M in terms of being on the cutting edge of officiating philosophies, science, mechanics, and continuous improvement tools. The NBA pours a lot of resources into training and development. NCAA-W pays attention to the NBA, and incorporates a lot of new NBA stuff. It then flows to NCAA-M, and finally, after a long, long time, to the NFHS.
Gee, I guess that's why NBA officiating on the whole is regarded with such high esteem these days.

Personally, I hope it takes a helluva long time for some of those cutting edge NBA philosophies to filter down to the high school level. I really don't want to see high school players taking 4 steps without a whistle or kicking the snot out of an opponent and then whining and pouting like a little baby if someone has the audacity to call them with a foul.

Yup, the NBA certainly has got a lock on officiating philosophies, science, mechanics and continuous improvement tools. That's painfully evident if you are forced to actually watch one of their games from beginning to end. Hell, I'd be happy if I could only figure out whatinthehell a foul actually is in the NBA. But hey, maybe that'll filter down to me in another 50 years or so. I can only hope.
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