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Originally Posted by With_Two_Flakes View Post
I would say that if this had happened in a game for me as White Hat (we work NCAA rules here in Europe) then I would have called it RTP. I would have used the illegal helmet signal after the RTP signal to show that it was due to the helmet contact rather than the lateness.

My understanding is that NCAA want us to call this RTP so that we can add the yards onto a completed pass and thus the penalty to be more punitive

Rarely work Fed Rules (only when on vacation in the USA) but I always understood the NFHS Rules to be even more about protecting players than the College Rules, I'm somewhat surprised that the feeling on this thread is that the Federation would want this called as a P/F and not RTP.
WTF: If you're suggesting that NCAA wants to expand the time-frame for RTP a little, I can buy that.

But what about this play: QB rolls out, throws a screen pass that starts to go 70 yards for a TD. After the runner has gone 35 yards, the QB gets nailed 10 yards downfield with IHC. Clearly a live-ball foul, but are you calling it RTP 15 seconds after the pass has ended?

Even NCAA's suggestion to expand the time-frame of RTP has its limits.
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