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Originally Posted by john_faz View Post
Last week, I called B78 for roughing the passer when he used his helmet to spear the QB. However, the timing of the hit was not late. I decided to go with the more accepted roughing call but maybe I should have just called the illegal helmet contact. I realize the only difference is the automatic first down, which in this case did not matter because it was 2nd and 10.
I appreciate your effort to protect the QB, but I think you missed this one right down the line.

1. Although it might be unnecessary roughness against a passer, it is not roughing the passer, which is clearly defined in terms of late hit ("after it is clear the ball has been thrown") in 9-4-1:
"Roughing the passer. Defensive players must make a definite effort
to avoid charging into a passer, who has thrown the ball from in or behind the
neutral zone, after it is clear the ball has been thrown."

2. I'm not sure what you mean by roughing being the "more accepted" call: I guess roughing is more common than IHC. That's not a factor in determining what foul to call.

3. As someone has already pointed out, the enforcements of these penalties are quite different and amount to more than just an automatic first down.

The good news is that you'll probably own the IHC and roughing rules!
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