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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I'd like to say no, but when the tires hit the road, I know that the home scorekeeper, and the home timer, would be pleased if the home team wins at the end of the night. Likewise, the visiting scorekeeper, I'm sure, would be pleased if the visiting team won. I am not, in any way implying that the crew at the table would do anything unsporting, unfair, or unethical. I'm sure that they try as hard as they can to be unbiased, but there are only two, or three, people in that gym, that night, who really don't care who wins that game. They're the ones wearing the striped shirts. Even the cop standing in the corner has a favorite team in that gym that night.
Concerning what I've highlighted, I've seen it happen (& taken action to cease those activities), as they want to support their team.

I can sympathize with them, however as I have been told before the table crew is supposed to be impartial & are part of the officiating crew. As such, any emotions/outbursts shown by those at the table need to be subdued until away from the table.

Of course I realize there are others that don't agree with my thoughts or my way of dealing with things. However, as of yet I have not been asked to cease how I do things nor asked to be replaced.
"Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates"--Earvin "Magic" Johnson
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