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I realize a preliminary version of this was posted on this forum previously, however this version provides how the rule shall be written, So...

In no particular order of importance or rule reference, here is the basic information on the 2003 rules changes:

1) Using an illegal tee will now be penalized as using/having illegal equipment under 9-8-1h,

2) Rule 7-5-9a now reads…..”A players, when B touches the pass or last forward pass if more than one.”

3) Rule 8-2-4 is new….If during a touchdown scoring play, a foul by the opponent of the scoring team occurs, the scoring team may accept the result of the play and have the penalty enforced from the succeeding spot. Rule 8-4-3 is also changed to add…..”or accepting the results of the play and having the penalty enforced from the succeeding spot.” This change applies to field goals; the rationale being that all fouls by the defense on scoring plays, TD, PAT or FG now carry some consequence. These changes will also be cross-referenced to 10-5-1d.

4) Rule 2-17-3 regarding clipping and blocking in the back is clarified but not changed.

5) And now for the biggie……there is now post-scrimmage kick (PSK) enforcement in HS football. The generic rule will read under 2-16-2h (definitions)….A post scrimmage kick (PSK) foul is an R foul that occurs on R’s side of the expanded neutral zone prior to the end of the kick during a scrimmage kick that ends beyond the neutral zone and K does not have possession of the ball when the kick ends. PSK does not apply to a try. This change causes additional changes to other rules and definitions that I’m not going into because of their length. This new change does not create any exception to the penalty code, but rather, a new enforcement spot. In addition, the rule change does not change the concept that R has to get the ball with “clean hands,” but that they have to have clean hands until the ball crosses the expanded neutral zone.

There are the usual points of emphasis and editorial changes that I’m not going to get into now. Just thought I’d get your juices flowing in the off season.
This should also create some good off season dialouge!
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