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Larks posted this a few years back:

Originally Posted by Larks View Post
1. No Hands on Hips EVER inside the lines
2. Don't dribble the ball on the court during a dead ball. You are not a player
3. When reporting fouls - use the correct signal. If he pushed, its a push. If we held, its a hold. etc.
4. Don't Chew Gum
5. When a time out is called, your feet do not move to go to your designated spot until both teams are in their respective huddle. Watch the teams
6. Trail to Lead - look back, don't just run down to trail with your back to the players.
7. If T is beat, C pick up and ref to baseline until Trail can get there.
8. T stay behind the ball in the back court
9. Lead referees 99% of the post on strong side
10. Block / Charge in the post - Fist only, yield to primary (pregame this play)
11. Call in your primary
12. Loose ball on the floor turns into scrum - TWO noses 5" from the ball
13. Technical Fouls - KNOW THE RULES
14. Intentional / Hard Fouls do not need a huddle. It is or its not immediately.
15. Talk to Coaches - he who handles coaches moves career forward.
16. No Bad Tosses - U1 blow it back.
17. When you kick a call, and we all do, your next two whistles should be 110% calls. This will get you back in the groove
18. Don't have to get the game back under control.
19. Huddles - at 1st Media and then end of game.
20. A block is a block. A charge is a charge an if there is ANY question what it is, its a CHARGE
21. When reporting fouls, do so from a spot on the floor where no player can pass between you and the table
22. On Subs, do not put ball in play until the old player is in the coaches box.
23. Be on floor at 30. Check out the court. Find things that will get you in trouble later so you are not surprised. IOW, dont just stand there.

Some other items I picked up

If you want to be one of the 96 - you better be in the correct free throw position on first of 2.

Camp: Issues present themselves - those who handle them, distinguish themselves.

Camp: Be Ready. There are no warm up games in camp when you are there trying to get hired. If you take the first game to "warm up" you will fall behind.

Camp: Looking for leaders. Not U2s

Camp: Deal with Coaches - control your game.

Camp: Get better game to game. It will be noticed.

Other tidbits I wrote down:

Look for opportunities to rotate.
Use your voice / Have a strong Voice
No out of primary calls unless they are must gets.
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