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Question "I Bet You Didn't Know"

Each Monday, a local auto group runs an ad in the sports section of our local newspaper that looks like a column and has the title shown above. It's always a story (or two, or three) of some unusual sports event from the past. This week, one of the stories was of Hofstra guard Charles Jenkins, who in January, scored eight points in five seconds against UNC Wilmington.

According to the story, he was fouled while making a layup, an intentional foul was called on the shot and then the opposing coach got a technical. Jenkins made all four free throws (plus the layup) for six points. That's when I think there's an error in the story. It says he "stole the inbound pass and scored". If there was a technical, wouldn't his team have had the ball to inbound? My guess is he just received the inbound pass and scored.

College guys - isn't the NCAA rule on inbounding following a technical the same as NF - the team that shot the free throws gets the ball?
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