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Thumbs up throw in rules questions (FIBA)

The other night I was reffing a championship game and met with a somewhat controversial situation. Team A made a basket and therefore B1 took the ball for the inbounds pass and proceeded to throw a full court pass that went beyond his player and out of bounds without ever being touched. I blew the whistle and brought the ball back to where the pass originated from and gave possession to the other team. Being raised in America, I was convinced I had made the right call according to everything I had ever seen, heard, and read growing up.

However, I'm now living and coaching in Malawi, Africa and of course we go by FIBA rules here. The player who through the errant pass is one of only two certified referees in the entire country. He tried to explain to me that his team should not have lost possession of the ball but that they should be given a "do over". After the game we discussed it further and he was unable to convince me of his "do over" idea. He said he would find the rule online for me, but to date I've received nothing.

Is anyone familiar with the official FIBA ruling on this and if so, could you give me the article numbers so that I can show my "do over" friend exactly what the rule book says on the matter? Any help is appreciated.

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