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Originally Posted by Pantherdreams View Post

Because B5 is obviously not making any effort to play the ball and an unsportsmanlike advantage is gained by not allowing the game clock to restart. An unsportsmanlike foul must be called without a warning being given.
I think that this whole "playing the ball" thing is being taken to literally. It is a good gauge when a team is stopping the clock in the last minute or when a guy rakes a breakaway layup shooter's arms, but "playing the ball" is irrelevant when guarding a player without the ball. Based on this logic, displacing a post player should be unsportsmanlike (or intentional for the American game) because the defender isn't "making any effort to play the ball." Continuing on: every illegal screen isn't an effort to play the ball. This is one of the times where I'm glad I don't work FIBA.
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