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Originally Posted by shavano View Post
Last BV game of the season, I'm working with two of our senior ( 20+ year) V officials, already a slight case of the nerves,

We get into the ref's room before the game and our R suddenly tells me that we're switching things up tonight, and I was going to give the pregame, conduct the meetings, and toss. Talk about getting caught unawares...
Your more experienced partners may have been doing you a huge favor in giving you this responsibility. They may have been sending a message to the coaches that you are worthy of running this game, assuming they have never seen you before. I had a very esteemed member of my last association do this as a regular practice with new partners. I appreciated it.

Originally Posted by shavano View Post
About 3:30 left in third, we're at a full TO. R comes to me and asked me the "status" of the game; score, time left, foul counts, anybody with foul problems... I got fouls and approx. time left, missed score by a few, and had no clue about players in foul trouble. Talk about red faced....
Again they were doing you a big favor here. These are (mostly) things you should be aware of throughout the game for your game management skills.

Sounds like you had a great experience. Take these things and build on them for each game you work, varsity or not.
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