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I'll sometimes check who is in foul trouble in the 4th. I don't like giving cheap fouls and the advantage is on a questionable that could go either way give it too a teammate. But there are problems with that. Star player with 4 fouls does a little grab and push to get a rebound. Minor foul but it allowed him to get the ball. Called a traveling call a few seconds after and it was but passing on a foul, albeit a cheap one helped his team.
in a different game I also fouled out a good player with a double foul when he and the defensive player were pushing each other in the post. Afterwards I thought I should have let it go. Good call in the first half but not in the last five minutes. It is a fine line to walk there so I suggest you don't go overboard about seeing who is in foul trouble because it just might change the way you call the game. You don't want to foul someone out with a cheap foul but if you have to so be it otherwise you could give a team an advantage.
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