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Man, I have a lot to learn.....

Last BV game of the season, I'm working with two of our senior ( 20+ year) V officials, already a slight case of the nerves,

We get into the ref's room before the game and our R suddenly tells me that we're switching things up tonight, and I was going to give the pregame, conduct the meetings, and toss. Talk about getting caught unawares...

I stumbled through pregame as best as I could, ( I never know what to say to officials that have been doing this for years and years, and me in my sophomore season). Basically, we talked about the two teams, one that I had had a couple of games with earlier this year, one that I had not seen. I brought up having good eye contact at dead balls, and making sure we were all on the same page as far as FT lane coverage. Just glad they didn't laugh....

Meetings & toss, no problem... then

I'm L, & called a block midway through the first, basket counted ( nope, didn't look up, but looked at T and he indicated good), and added one shot. I go to report the foul, the T is right there asking who my shooter was. ( yeah, I should've had it, and vowed that I would if I got asked again.) Come to find out later on, I had called across the lane and my C had whistled as well. ( so much for my good eye contact at a dead ball) He went ahead and let me have the foul then, and was nice about it during half time meeting, but said that I had poached... Ay,yi yi..

Second quarter, pretty basic. No quizzes, I thnk they felt sorry for me..

Halftime, we talk about the double whistle, and my poach...

About 3:30 left in third, we're at a full TO. R comes to me and asked me the "status" of the game; score, time left, foul counts, anybody with foul problems... I got fouls and approx. time left, missed score by a few, and had no clue about players in foul trouble. Talk about red faced....

Fourth quarter, C calls a foul, and sure enough, my R is there asking me who the shooter was to be. This time I had it, and confidently reported.

Both guys were very gracious and congratulated me on a good game after wards, but I left there tonight feeling like a true blue rookie. I have a long ways to go...... but I hope to get there someday.

Oh well, one more GJV Thursday, a week and a half off, then on to girl's soccer.
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