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Originally Posted by PeteBooth View Post

Both Jim Nance and Phil Simms were obset at the call (paraphrase) saying the officals should use better judgement in a game of this magnitude and should not have thrown the flag.

Pete Booth
Interesting irony. Why didn't they go crazy about he player who kicked the flag with a "game of this magnitude." It's funny how I often hear a coach saying "How can you make call in such a BIG game?" He coach, what about the player who held his opponent at the point of attack to spring the runner for that game-winning TD in this BIG game????? How can he hold in THAT situation if it's THAT important to him and his team?

This was precisely my thinking when I heard those two make that comment. SD needed the ball back and needed to stop the Jets. Belive me I get the emotions part of it, but still...
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