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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
And the NFL has a war room that listens to these guys and contacts them when they go off on a tangent. So what someone might think is knowledge, the league is telling them what the ruling is and it often shuts them up. MLB and the NBA do no such thing. They keep people thinking something is wrong because the dumbazz announcer keeps talking about things they know nothing about then when we get into our games you hear the same dumb crap from fans that thinks these guys on TV are correct. You cannot even have a conversation with many fans because they are so "educated" about what officials do and do not do on the field or court.

To put this is perspective, I help out out every year at our high school softball umpire groups new officials clinic - it is always fun to hear guys (and gals) who have played for years, and think they know the rules, after about two sessions. Even people who have COACHED - they all start going, "Man, you guys need to know a LOT", "I didn't know u had to know that", etc, etc.... and this is before we start getting into the HEAVY mechanics.
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