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Wink Wrong.

Originally posted by rockyroad
Actually Ron and Tim, both your partners were wrong...Ron - the HS rules book had a rule in the early 90's about the headbands, but it went away after one season (or maybe it was just a WIAA ruling - but it still went away)...and the headbands can have a single logo or trademark as long as it meets the size requirements (see BR-55, rule 3-6-1)...
They took the rule out as it related to socks. You still can only have one logo for pants, compression shorts, sweatbands and headbands but the "logo cannot exceed 2 1/4 square inches and shall not exceed 2 1/4 inches in demension on each item." That is right out of Rule 3-6. Actually the rule was in the books more than a year, but it was taken out because it was very hard to enforce and schools for the most part do not hand out those types of uniforms.

Tim's partner might have been right by rule if the logo exceeded the measurements stated by the NF. But I do not know any official that are going to get a ruler to find out for sure.

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