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Originally Posted by j51969 View Post
So did he change his call or leave it as is....???
Yes, he gave a T

Originally Posted by AllPurposeGamer View Post
How did the discussion in locker room go afterward? What'd your trail have to say about the play?
We talked about the play at halftime, but it was pretty simple: he would have kicked a rule if he didn't change it. He was someone flustered all night. Now, this official is on my crew (we are divided into crews for our meetings) and he looked pretty good at the scrimmages when I observed him. But last night he wasn't clicking. He had a block/charge where the ball went in. He started a motion to count the basket and then went with a charge. It was ugly.

Originally Posted by Clark Kent View Post
So what did you do? Inadvertent?
This is my philosophy and it has worked often. If something happens and I'm not sure of what we are about to do I will ask. I think it is worth delaying things for a few seconds to prevent the crew from kicking a call.

I had a college game earlier this year where a foul was called near the division line and I was the Lead. The foul was on the offense and we were going down court to shoot. I went to the calling official and asked him if there was team control at the time of the foul - I think he called the foul during a deflected pass (I wasn't looking directly at the play). As soon as I asked the question, the light went on and we took the ball out of bounds.
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