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Originally Posted by tomegun View Post
I guess this is a rule that should be covered every year, several times a year.

Last night I was at the Lead when a shot went up. After the shot missed, my partner (the C) blew his whistle and gave the indication to count the basket. He was directly in front of the offending team's bench and things became animated for a second.

One of the things I cover in pregame is we are not going to kick a rule on the court and come into the locker room to discuss it. We will slow things down, ask each other about questionable rules applications and fix things on the court to the largest extent possible.

Anyway, I went to him and asked him what he had. He told me the player slapped the backboard - of course it had to be without legitimately attempting to block the shot - and that is why he counted the basket. I told him that it should be a technical foul if that is what he judged to have happened.
I will leave the rule quotation to someone else (my friend from up north), but I think this is a case of taking the path of least resistance. It is very easy to count the basket and move on isn't justified by rule.

A Side Note: I followed my rule - be nice until it is time to not be nice.
I asked both coaches to remain in their box because both were out of the box arguing calls. I also asked them to move two chairs that we admittedly should have taken care of before the game. Of course, one coach didn't move the chairs forcing me to do it and of course I ended up giving them both a T.
So did he change his call or leave it as is....???
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