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A Coach I'd Like to Have!

Coach, thank you for clarifying your original inquiry. I'm also happy you didn't take my response as some kinda criticism. And I admit my mistake in not seeing that your reference was to having "both feet" near (?) the lane line. I appreciate your advance knowledge of the rules.
If my response seemed laced with any kind of frustration, it's regarding some coaches on every level who, quite frankly, need a rules refresher course before each game because they likely haven't seen a rules book since receiving their baptismal certificate.
I had a coach last Thursday who, in a polite post-game conversation, expressed his frustration with our tactful enforcement of the Head Coaches' Rule (cf. "Jack-in-the-Box Coaching" previous post) and two other violation situations that occurred. His exact words were, "We never know what we're gonna get--every set of refs comes with a different set of rules." Now, some of this is no doubt due to the fact that, on the 7th grade level, he's getting some officials who, again quite frankly, don't keep up on the rules themselves and just don't enforce those that are inconvenient to them personally. In the main, it was obvious that this young, up-and-coming junior high coach and his veteran assistant share some of the responsibility for their own frustration in that they themselves apparently don't do what you do--keep up on the rules.
I laud you for your diligence. You sound like the kinda varsity coach I'd like to have in a game.
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