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Timeout on injured player

I had an interesting situation this weekend in a BV game during a Thanksgiving tourney.
During the game one of my partners stopped play for an injured team A player that was down on the court. Right after he blew the whistle, the coach from team B requests a timeout. So he grants it and all seems well. The player wasnít badly hurt, but wanted out for a bit anyway. When the other teamís timeout completed, everyone was ready and away we went.

While I was standing on the block during the timeout I was wondering if we were handling this by the book. What is peculiar about this situation is that we stopped play for team Aís player but team B called time out. No coaches came out on the floor or anything like that.

Iím thinking that we probably should have delayed team Bís timeout until the injured team A player was replaced or team A requested a timeout to keep him in.
What do you think?

And yes I do realize this is similar to the Blood and Timeout thread recently posted.
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