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Originally Posted by wanja View Post
Valid concerns. Most of the article addressed the 3-second rule literally and seconded the emphasis of the NCAA and NFHS to consistently enforce the rule. The wording you objected to in 3 of the tips was intended to emphasis that, like with most violations, it is preferable to be patient and sure at the expense of some violations not being penalized.

To your 3 points;

1. Yes, 'delete leaving the hand.' Player and team control ends when the ball has left the hand on a try. However, if there is any doubt about the player still touching the ball, do not call a violation.

2. The count is suspended when a 'player starts to exit the restricted area under FIBA, NCAA and NBA/WNBA rules but not NFHS rules. This should be specified.

3. "A player must clearly, without a doubt touch the boundary line to violate" is an accurate replacement for the the barely touching wording.

I have updated the original post in this thread to reflect these changes. The original article will also be updated.
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