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Here are some 3 seconds tips from a recent article .


  • Prevent if we can, enforce if we must.

  • A 3 second violation can occur only when there is team control in the front court

  • A 3 second violation can occur when there is no player control
    (e.g. during an interrupted dribble or passing among teammates)

  • The 3-second count is silent and not visible

  • One or two alerts (e.g. stating “lane“) may effectively prevent
    3-second violations. Additional alerts or coaching (e.g. “get out
    of the lane”) are inadvisable.

  • A violation occurs only after 3 seconds.

  • When a 3 second count is reached

    • Find the ball. If it has left a players hand on a
      try -- no team control, no 3 seconds. If there is any doubt that the player is still touching the ball during a try, do not call a violation.

    • Check for movement in the restricted area. If a player starts to
      move to try for goal -- suspend. Under FIBA, NCAA, NBA and
      WNBA (but not NFHS) rules, also suspend the count if a player starts to
      move to exit the restricted area.

  • Be Patient. Be sure. A player must clearly, without a doubt touch the restricted area to violate.
    3 seconds is not more than 3 seconds.

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