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First, kicks complicated to rule on: when does the kick end, muff vs. fumble, fair catch, momentum, and on and on. NFHS tries to simplify the rules where it can: so the ball is dead if the kick crosses the plane of the goal line.

Second, I would also speculate (and it's just speculation) that kick plays also see more injuries
I don't work Fed, but my guess is that neither issue is of any concern. On both issues, the kick crosses the goal line on only a small percentage of cases and neither simplification nor injury prevention would be relevant.

Coaches don't want 15 y/o kids making a decision to run the ball out of the endzone
This is almost certainly the real reason. This rule will never be adopted in the NCAA book but I wouldn't be terribly shocked to see Texas create an exception here. I honestly don't think many coaches in Texas are aware of this Fed (or any, for that matter) rule difference. Virtually all of our coaches are home grown and don't have experience outside of the state, and we've been playing NCAA rules since the Confederacy. If they ever learned about this, they might seek a change for the reason quoted above.
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