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Originally Posted by Ref Ump Welsch View Post
Sounds a logical guess, though now that most states have gone to 5 or 6-man crews, this shouldn't be an issue anymore, should it? Could the rule be a leftover from the old 3 and 4-man crew days?
Around here, crews of 5 are for varsity only. Subvarsity and amateur games have 3 or 4, and there's far more such games. But my point was quite general: it's easier to officiate kicks into the endzone if they're all dead, no matter which official is making the call.

I also agree with BktBallRef's point above: coaches don't want kids deciding when it's good to run the ball out. Usually, the answer is "never," since R is starting at the 40 yard line instead of the 30.
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