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Originally Posted by SanDiegoSteve View Post
If the batter throws his bat and hits the ball, he has interfered with the catcher's attempt to field the ball. That is Interference, and the batter is out. Runners return to their TOP bases. Rule 7-3-6 and PENALTY.
In the OP, the discarded bat did not hinder catcher fielding the ball, the catcher's wild throw was the issue/question. It is not clear whether pitched ball was fair or foul but it was clearly not a batted ball. 7-3-6 is about a thrown bat.

So it appears that defense erred in throwing a wild pitch and offense is penalized because bat discarded contacts the pitch that has not been secured by the catcher.

Need something other than 7-3-6 to convince me this is INT, for this OP.
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