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Originally posted by mick
Well, I guess we can take that to the bank.
I'm not so sure yet. DrC, while it intuitively makes sense to give the "wronged" team the next arrow if it's not already pointing in their direction, I can find no rule in either the Nat'l Fed or NCAA books that supports what your source is telling you, even though he was emphatic that it is a rule. It sounds like he's trying to justify another course of action that "makes sense," but is not actually based in writing. Not that bringing the throw-in back for a re-do is in the book either (it obviously is not), but his step re: the AP arrow just seems to skip the FIRST correcting action ('cuz the book says not to do that) and moves to a slightly less drastic, if you will, alternative that is nonetheless still not an approved mechanic or procedure. But maybe I just missed it in the book, so if someone could find it that would be great.
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