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Originally Posted by Maz17 View Post
The BU, in the PBUC Manual, has responsibility for the TAG of R1 and R2, he is also responsible for the touches of R1 of 2nd and always the B/R in this scenario. A plate guy should never help out.

Quid Pro Quo??: What if BU looked at the touch and so did PU... they appeal and you give two different calls.
I am with Bob:

If it's a troubled ball the BU has virtually NO time to see the BR touch first base. His eyes are glued to the fielder to determine if we have a catch / no catch.

The bottom line: there are flaws in the 2 person system meaning there is nothing that is CONCRETE depending upon what happens.

If the coach did come out and want to appeal then you have eye contact with your partner and indicate :I've got it" The coach KNOWS the BU was not looking and sometimes they appeal for the sake of appealing to ascertain if the umpires are indeed watching the runners touch the bases.

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