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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
I agree with mbyron, and will add that PU can help if BU is "busy" with a trouble ball to the outfield at the time BR reaches first.
The BU, in the PBUC Manual, has responsibility for the TAG of R1 and R2, he is also responsible for the touches of R1 of 2nd and always the B/R in this scenario. A plate guy should never help out.

Quid Pro Quo??: What if BU looked at the touch and so did PU... they appeal and you give two different calls.

Even on a trouble ball in this scenario... the farthest you are going is to the edge of the grass dirt line in the infield. On trouble wait for firm a and secure possession and a voluntary release. YOU HAVE TO LOOK TO SEE IF B/R TOUCHES. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SEE HIM TOUCH. YOU HAVE TO LOOK.

When a manager comes out on you... you say:
BU: "Mike... I looked. Did you see me look?"
Manager: "Yeah I saw you look. And you missed him, missing the base."
BU: "If you where looking at me, how did you see him miss the base?"

If it goes from there, more than likely would be an ejection. But that is the start of the situation handling for this scenario (I.E. JEAPU).

So recap!!!

Tags: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU
Touches: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU H:PU
Fly Ball Outs at Bases: 1:BU 2:BU 3:PU (I've got 3rd if he tags) H:PU
Ground ball outs: 1:BU 2: BU 3:BU H:PU
Trouble in the "U": BU
Touches of B/R: BU

Hope this helps. I read the Red Book constantly...its my specialty.
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