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I'm with DeNucci. Great Call!!!

Who initiated contact, and which way the defender is facing are both irrelevant; well, not entirely. The real question is, did the defender have legal guarding position? If at some point the defender's body was facing the dribbler, and both feet were on the ground, from then on the defender is allowed to move his feet unlimitedly, and face whatever as long as he is maintaining his position in the path of the dribbler. "Who initiated contact" is an easy way to sort of review in your mind what happened, but isn't always 100% guaranteed to give the best answer. The question is, did the defender have legal guarding position? In order to be good at this, you must REF THE DEFENSE. Watch the defender first, and foremost. Keep the ball in the corner of your eye, to catch the ball-handling violations, but keep your focus on the defender. If you do that, you will see everything very clearly, and get lots of credit and kudos from fellow refs.

Caveat: Be sure, if you are being evaluated, that you know how your evaluator wants these plays called, or be prepared to deal with the consequences.
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