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You are correct in both plays...however, you won't find it in the rule book - at least not spelled out in black and white like you are looking for...the key is that the new rule applies to the team in possession for a throw-in, and then go back to the definitions of when a throw-in ends...the throw-in ends when it is touched by or touches a player on the in your Play #1, the throw-in had ended, but no one had team control, so we have a common foul and will shoot the Play #2, the throw-in has not ended, and so we still have "possession of the ball for a throw-in" and so we will not shoot...the way it was explained at our meeting was that if the shot clock/game clock are running (which happens as soon as ball is touched on throw-in), then there must be actual control - if they aren't running, then the throw-in is still continuing...hope this helps...
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