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Re: Coach Ejected

Originally posted by DanIvey
My questions:
What is the correct procedure for Washington State?
Can an association come up with its own interpretation of the ejection rule as we did? i.e. Allowed the ejected Coach to coach in his Varsity contest.

DI [/B]
Dan, the correct procedure for Washington is exactly what was done...according to the WIAA, the ejection punishment only applies to the "level" it happened other words, the state looks at it this way - during the JV game, the Varsity coach is the Assisstant coach, and if ejected, will sit out the next JV game...he/she may still coach the Varsity game that night, the next night, etc...the same is true for the JV coach - if ejected from the JV game, he/she may still sit as the assisstant for the varsity game that SAME NIGHT!!

To answer your second question, no, an Assoc. can not make up it's own interpretations, and there are several around the state who - in the past - have lost State Tournament berths for trying to make up their sounds like someone there at least had an idea of what the State policy was and handled the situation correctly...
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