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RULE 3 Players, Substitutes and Player Equipment
Section 5. Uniforms
Art. 11. An undershirt is considered to be part of the game jersey and must be
a color similar to that of the game jersey. In addition, the sleeves and neckline
of undershirts shall be unaltered. (e.g., no cut-off sleeves or cut necklines) Both
sleeves shall be of the same length and not extend beyond the elbows. No logos,
decorations, trim, commemorative patches, lettering or numbering may be used
on an undershirt. An illegal undershirt shall not be worn.

RULE 3 Players, Substitutes and Player Equipment
Section 6. Uniforms—Logos, Labels, Trademarks
Art. 1. A single manufacturer’s or distributor’s normal logo, label or trademark
may be worn on the game pants, and all other items of apparel excluding the
game jersey and undershirt (e.g., warm-ups, socks, headbands, and wristbands).
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