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This thread answers most of my questions.

I am a Cardinals fan, not a football official, but I do officiate other sports.

I was frustrated with the number of flags, but like the general concensus here, the only one I really would question is the roughing the passer penalty. It appeared to me to be one of those that could be flagged or not and somebody is going to be upset.

Even with the number of flags, I thought the game was well officiated from the little I know about football officiating. The officiating did not decide the game one way or the other, as usual.

I did hear an interesting comment today on the sports radio shows - McAuley's (?) crew threw more flags this season than any other crew. Just thought that was interesting and can use it to try to convince the average bonehead fanboy that just because you throw a lot of flags, it does not mean you are a bad official.
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