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Most of the calls i thought were correct. The one call i didn't get a chance to see, was the roughing the passer call. On the radio, they thought the flag was for intentional grounding and couldn't believe the call. I did not see, so i have no comment.

The one place i was a little dissapointed, and thought the officials ( i consider the replay official a member of the group) was not reviewing the last fumble. Tho i thought the call was probably correct. I can't understand why they didn't take the 5 minutes to review it.

Please don't give me the BS that Pereira said about they checked in the booth, between plays. He is just doing a CYA, so his officials don't look bad. That guy is more about PR, than integrity of the game.

Overall, I thought the game officials did a good job, lots of penalties, but they were consistant.
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