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The things I saw.

R should have not had a fumble on Warner in the third quarter I think. I understand letting the play play out but that wasn't a good call. Replay fixed that one but that was about the worst error all night. Arizona should not have had to depend on a replay to fix that one.

The roughing the holder was a great call. That is an odd call because nobody does it.

Perhaps Harrison did deserve to be ejected but not from the replays I saw. But I may not have seen the entire action.

All of the holds called, mostly against Arizona, were there and they were big. The hold in the end zone against Pittsburgh was a great call.

If the NFL wants to call USC for using the ball then it should have been called. I think it took so long for Holmes to do it that the officials may have moved off to get ready for the try and perhaps just didn't see it.

The block at about the 15 at the end of the long return at the end of the first half is never called a block in the back in the NFL. There is a block like that on a lot of long returns in the NFL and even in college and it is never called because it is legal.

So that is about it except for that great tackle the umpire made. He tried to move but didn't get away quickly enough. At least he didn't end up on the bottom.
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