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Originally Posted by fljet View Post
Here are some of my questionable calls of the game, Im waiting on you guys to defend your boys like usual but oh well I know that game was a joke to most average fans who wanted to see a good game on this national holiday of sorts.

please explain to me why Harrison was flagged, and not thrown out of the game, when his actions were absolutely flagrant obviously the offical that threw the flag saw the activity.

So thats #1
Why should he have been ejected? He did not throw a punch. The play was still live. And you do not eject someone because the commentator says so. I know John Madden might know a little football, but I have never seen a player ejected for what took place. There was a lot of pushing going on. If that was an ejection, so should have been Taylor during the play out of bounds.

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
#2 Roughing the passer on Arizona was within the normal tolerance, and there was no flagrant contact. Also roethlisberger appeared to be in the pocket and threw the ball away, intentional grounding was never considered and NBC never showed a replay but the ball landed and no players from either team were within 7 yards of it.
These calls are not made on the basis whether the contact was flagrant or now. I was not totally happy about the call either, but that is how the NFL wants unnecessary hits called on QBs.

And IG is not present when the passer gets outside of the tackle box. All the ball has to do is get pass the LOS (even if that is out of bounds) and no receiver needs to be present.

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
#3 Roughing the placeholder was uneccessary, you could see Wilson pull up and he barely made contact. Im sorry but you dont throw that flag in a superbowl game, maybe in the reg. season, maybe never.
That was about as obvious a call as there was tonight. It is like roughing the kicker, pulling up does not absorb you from the penalty. Sorry, not sure what rulebook you have ever read.

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
#4 Block in the back on Colon on the 2nd Pittsburg drive which enabled Rothelisberger to convert on 3 and 10 to Heath Miller.
I do not remember the play. Hitting someone in the back is not a foul just because it took place. Sorry, not sure what rulebook you have read.

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
#5 Holding on the 100 yard return by #26 I dont think anyone saw it, but he grabbed Warners jersey sleeve and redirected him. Close!!
Maybe if you are working a Junior High game. Not in high school and above where Warner was clearly blocked. Warner was pushed out of the way, the tugging on the jersey did not prevent Warner from making a play. Do you actually officiate?

Originally Posted by fljet View Post
Bottom line I thought the officials had a below all-star performance, and I think this the NFL is rigged for ratings!!
We did not ask for your opinion.

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